LG USA T-Mobile / AT&T Unlock ( all models )

Unlock code for ALL T-MOBILE & AT&T LG

Will return all level of unlocks:

Network Unlock code = NCK = SIM_UNLOCK. Please use this unlock code.

(If you see your phone says Enter Network Service Provider Unlock)
Please use SP Code = SP_LOCK = SPCK

Not support: T-mobile LG G4 H811LB - LG Leon MS345 - LG Stylo H631 LS770
T-mobile LG G Stylo LG G4 LG H345 Leon LTE LG K7 LG V10


IF unlock code not found. You can submit with service: LG Worldwide- (Nck Only) Not Found Service



How to enter unlock code for LG phone:
+ Please check your phone can enter unlock code before submit IMEI.
Still have 3 - 10 times enter unlock code.
(No refund if your phone can't enter unlock code or phone already unlocked)

(HardLocked phone - if you already tried to unlock your phone and entered too many wrong codes:
"This phone is permanently locked and can not be unlocked") - Don't submit order.

Different phones have different Unlock Code Input Instructions, Try the following Instructions in Order:

Method #1 Insert a non accepted simcard, and enter code when prompted for a code


Method #2 Go to the dial screen and press:  2945#*model number#

Choose network unlock and enter unlock code

For example if its a p999 you enter 2945#*999# or if its a p990 you enter 2945#*990#
AT&T LG G2 D800 - You enter:  2945#*800#

If Phone says, "Code Accepted" or "Network Unlock Successful" or "Not Yet Personalized" your phone is fully Unlocked.

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