T-Mobile iPhone 7,7+ "Clean/Finance/Inactive Device"

Supported Models : Iphone 7,7Plus

 Supported IMEI Type  :    Clean, active, inactive and financed IMEI only
Not Supported IMEI Type : Blacklisted/Stolen iPhone,Fraud,IMEI Not Recognised

How to check T-Mobile USA   Clean, active, inactive and financed IMEI only??


Tmobile verifyimei link with Supported Result

Congratulations! Your device is ready for use

This device has an outstanding balance that must be paid or it may not be able to be used on T-Mobile network.

Tmobile verifyimei link with UnSupported Result :

Your device is blocked and will not work on T-Mobile’s network.

Your device is Reported lost or stolen and will not work on T-Mobile’s network or any other network in world .

WarningIMEI Get Result Not Recgonised in Tmobile Verify IMEI link is not Supported and is Not Refundable


Refund Policy :

No Refund for the below conditions initial or Nexther Policy

US GSM/VZW iPhone 6/6 Plus Service Policy
US GSM Service Policy
Wrong IMEI
Unlocked IMEI
IMEI has Replacement Information

Wrong carrier Not T-Mobile USA No Refund.


Service Delay/Cancellation Policy :

The Service is Advertised As Fast as it goes  to Fast Tmobile Supplier However incase supplier get excess Volume there is possiblity of service delay and there shall be no cancellation even if overdue untill supplier accepts the cancellation. if supplier choose not to cancel and deliver the result out of delivery time there is no refund.

Notice: Keep in mind that this service normally take 10 days turnaround but may take up to 21 Buisness days. Please do not submit unless your customers willing to wait up to 21 business days (Tuesday-Friday is business days. Saturday-Monday is off days). No Cancel even if unlock is delayed beyond 21 days, no exception.
21 Buisness Days is 28 Regular days

7-21 days

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