Unlock code for all T-mobile SAMSUNG.
Samsung Galaxy Gear S Watch T-Mobile (SM-R750T) SUPPORTED.

Please check your phone can enter unlock code before submit order.
How To Enter unlock code T-MOBILE SAMSUNG

1. Inset the SIM card you wish to use. (EX: AT&T  Simcard)
2. Turn the handset on.
3. Phone will ask "SIM Network Unlock Pin ". ==> You can order Unlock code.


Note: *IMPORTANT: All Devices that require T-Mobile Unlock App

*T-MOBILE Galaxy Note 5  (SM-N920T) NOT SUPPORTED (No Refunds if ordered)

*T-MOBILE AVANT (SM-G386T) and Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T), Grand Prime (SM-G530T) NOT SUPPORTED (No Refunds if ordered)

*T-Mobile USA Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus (SM-G928T) (No Refunds if ordered)

*T-Mobile USA Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T) , S7 Edge (SM-G935T) (No Refunds if ordered)

*Metro PCS which requires SP code (No Refunds if ordered)

*No refund if phone does not prompt and code is provided.
 Please check your phone can enter unlock code.

*No refund if phone does not prompt and code is provided.
 The Samsung T669 & T919 Behold does not accept the defreeze code.

DO NOT submit order to this method if the defreeze code is required.
You will not be refunded if you order for these codes.


Use this tool to unlock HTC phones "not found" via other HTC tools.

(Does not support HTC phones locked to Verizon, Sprint - No Refund if you order unlock code)
IMEI starting with 990XXxxx are not supported.

No refund if you submit order:

T-mobile and Metro PCS  HTC M9, HTC 10, HTC Desire 530, HTC Desire 626s  NOT SUPPORT

HTC desire 626 locked by AT&T - NOT SUPPORT

HTC One A9 locked by AT&T- NOT SUPPORT

HTC desire 626s locked by Cricket- NOT SUPPORT

Unsupported devices for this Unlock Tool HTC


- Claro from all country (all models)
- Brasil Telecom, TIM & Vivo Brasil (all models)
- Movistar Chile & Equador (all models)
- Vodafone & Movistar Spain (all models)
- One Macedonia (all models)
- Telenor Norway, Hungary (all models)
- Neuf Telecom France (all models)
- KPN Netherland (all models)
- Tigo Spain (all models)
- Mobinil Egypt (All Model)
- Tigo El Salvador (All Model)
- 3 AT - Austria (All Model)
- VIPnet - Croatia (All Model)
- ALL Network from Portugal (All Model)
- ALL Network from Austria (All Model)
- HTC S621 Excalibur from Telcel Mexico
- HTC Touch HD, Viva, Innovation, Nikki, Dual Touch from Bouygues France
- HTC Touch HD, HTC Hero and Tatoo from Orange UK
- HTC S730 from Hungary
- HTC from Digitel Venezuela
- HTC Wildfire, HD2(T8585), Touch Pro from Vodafone Romania
- HTC S710 & Vox from SFR France
- HTC HD from Play Poland Network
- HTC S420 from Vodafone United Kingdom
- SPV C100 from Orange Spain
- Qtek 9100 from Movistar Mexico
- X02HT from Softbank Japan
- HTC Fuze from AT&T
- HTC Desire from Vodafone Romania
- Verizon Thunderbolt
- HTC from orange Romania
- HTC from personal Argentina
- HTC Telenor - VIP - Serbia
- All T-Mobile & Vodafone Hungary HTC
- Tele2, T-mobile Croatia
- BHMobile Bosnia (All Model)

Because for theses model/provider, the network provider change the code of the phone after receive them from factory, so code will not work.


Please use Stock rom when you enter unlock code.
After unlock on stock you can flash any rom, will remain unlocked.


An Android device that supports the Mobile Device Unlock app:

 Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL (OT-5054N),

  • Coolpad Catalyst (3622A),
  • HTC Desire 626s,
  • Kyocera Hydro ELITE (C6740 & C6740N),
  • LG Leon 4G LTE (MS345),
  • LG G Stylo (MS631),
  • LG K7 (MS330),
  • LG K10 (MS428),
  • LG G Stylo (MS631),
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700T),
  • Samsung Galaxy On5 (SM-G550T1),
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T1),
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360T1),
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T1),
  • ZTE Avid PLUS (Z828),
  • ZTE Obsidian (Z820),
  • ZTE Zmax Pro.

Once the unlock request is processed, customer needs to:

  1. Make sure you have an active data connection via 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi.
  2. From the Application list, tap Device Unlock. (Note: The application may be located in the MetroPCS folder.)
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Choose the Permanent Unlock type:
  5. If successful, restart the device to apply the settings.



BEFORE submitting your order, please follow these steps:


1.  Launch the "Device Unlock App" to check status


2(a).  If you receive "Not Eligible for Unlock", please proceed and submit your IMEI # for processing. 

2(b).  If you receive "Communication Error" or "Server not responding, please try again later", DO NOT submit your order as it is not supported for unlocking (no refunds will be provided for any orders submitted with either of these error messages)

3.  Once process returns completed turn on app, and device will be officially unlocked

In case of unlocking issues after your order is completed:

- Contact us for verification
- If after verification, the phone is still locked, please contact us for the UNIQUE reference code that will be required to be shown in the video (to make sure the video was recorded AFTER the verification process)

Warning: Do not use this service to Unlock IMEI from T-Mobile USA as you will receive a NOT WORKING CODE and you won't be able to claim for a refund ! T-Mobile USA is not supported, only MetroPCS is supported so do not waste the time of our supplier sending Junk IMEI as you will end wasting your money.


Unlock code for AT&T Blackberry Z10

If unlock code not found use: Blackberry Q10 / Z10 AT&T & T-MOBILE Unlock Code

*No refunds are given for any incorrect IMEI #'s or hardlocked phones (0 MEP LEFT)

Code Input Instructions

How to Enter the Unlock Code into my Blackberry?

1. Insert a non accepted simcard and power phone on.

2. Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Simcard

3. Press "Unlock Network"

4. Enter the 8 or 16 digit code (If 16 digit code is giving error, use the first 8 digits of the 16 digit code)

Phones is now Unlocked!


Unlock code for any USA T-MOBILE Blackberry

Torch 9800, 9810, Bold 9700, 9000, 9780, 9900
Curve 8900, 8520, 8320, 8310, 9300, 9360
Pearl 8100, 8110, 8120, Flip 8220 . . .
This a Permanent Unlock so you can use your Blackberry with another GSM Provider .

1. Input your IMEI number in the IMEI section (press*#06# to get IMEI)
2.Select MEP-04104-007 (old blackberry 9700, 9800, 9780, 8520, 8900...)

or MEP-04104-008 (T-Mobile USA 9900, 9680, 9360, 9810)

Unsupported devices for this Unlock Tool:Blackberry Q10 / Z10 and blackberry new MEP-04104-009


Permanent Factory Unlock Service for AT&T iPhoneTHIS IS A FACTORY UNLOCK
Supports AT&T iPhone 3 3GS 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6/6+/6S/6S+/SE Any Firmware.

This service have a 30 - 70% successful unlocked rate.

Warning:You will be charge and no refund for; iPhone that is not AT&Tnetwork, wrong IMEI. Therefore, please check your phone .
Once submitted, you CANNOT cancel before the deliver time expire, NO exception.

Reminder:Always get the IMEI from *#06# on the phone. Never take the IMEI from the phone sticker or from the box.

We strongly recommend updating your iPhone to iOS 8 or newer to avoid problems.
Update Your IPhone To IOS8 Before Submitting Your IMEI To US .
Then After Unlock Done You Can Activate Your IPhone With Any Way ( iTunes Or Wifi ) (Recommended Option) !

Terms & Conditions Must Read before making an Order

Q? Clean IMEI
A=Only Clean imeis are Supported

Q? What is the sucess rate of this tool?
A= 30 - 70 % Results are unlocked.  If your phone not unlocked (we will result order as not found and refund money or credits)

If your iphone not found. Please use this server: USA AT&T - IPhone 4 4s 5 5c 5s Premium ( All IMEI )

Q? What is average Time of this tool?
A= 1 to 4 Buisness Days( No weekend Counted but still processing continues normal)

**Please make sure:
- iPhone is from AT&T
(if you are unsure please use tool: iPhone lock & network check service , otherwise you may get charged for incorrect network)


Please check your phone status Locked or Unlocked before you submit. No refund if your phone already Unlocked

Your phone must be activated before placing the order.
Non activated phones can not be unlocked and there will be no refund for non activated phones & ICLOUD LOCK.
If Find My iPhone is Active make sure you have password in order to Activate the phone.

Check your IMEI BEFORE you ORDER. Activation Lock must be turned OFF

To turn off Find My iPhone on your device:
1.  Go to Settings.
2.  Tap iCloud.
3.  Sign in with your Apple ID, if necessary.
4.  Turn off Find My iPhone.


Unlock Code Service for NOKIA LUMIA 900 AT&T

+ We need the following phone information:

- Your IMEI number : ( Press *#06# on the keypad)  - IMEI 15 DIGITS
- Your Phone Model: 
(Ex: NOKIA LUMIA 900), Carrier locked to (ex: AT&T US)

Unlocking instruction:
1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card.
2: A menu will pop up to  Insert the code.
3: Insert the provided code and press OK
4: Device is now unlocked.

Why Buy From Us?

 1.    We process our Unlock Code remotely & with EASY instructions!
 2.    NO need to send your phone or cables needed
 3.    Fast, Easy, and Cheap.
 4.    NO damage to your phone, like software unlocking or generic universal codes.
 5.    NO need to be a technician or computer knowledge
 6.    NO VOIDING your manufacture warranty.
 7.    You have nothing to lose, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Refund Policy:

By buying this listing you agreed to these terms and conditions. No Exception. If you DO NOT agreed to this terms and conditions, please do not buy.

- Unlocks  are 100% guarantee or money back.
- If the unlock for your phone is not found you will be refunded 100%.
- If you claim that the code did not work please supply us with a video proof.
- If you send us the wrong IMEI, you will not be refunded.

- No refund for HARDLOCKED devices.  The handset was hard locked (0 attempts left to enter the unlock code)



Unlock code for any Sony World Wide

WARNING 31th March 2015: Make sure your Sony Xperia are actually ASKING for code and don't have "Device Unlock App" installed on the phone, specially if it's a Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile USA.

If you order code for a Sony and claim the phone is not asking for code, we won't provide any refund, it's your responsibility to check before place your order !

Unlock any SonyEricsson Phones locked to any Network worldwide (NCK LEVEL)

Please do not use this service for Telcel Mexico or any other network provider who delivers his phones with broken GDFS (0 Code Entry Left) or phone which has "too many wrong codes"

* Before Order make sure your phone is not Hardlocked by many wrong codes entered previously,Because in that case codes will Not work and will not be refunded as well.

To check in Xperia X10 which simlock is in, please do:

1. Start up the phone and press the Menu key ( ) and Back key ( ) as follows:
2. Pressing Key Sequences: Menu Back Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back
Note: Please make sure the phone have SIMLOCK when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.
Also You can check there is counter of wrong code is blocked.

For new Sony and Xperia Phones

Switch on your phone without SIM card Compose *#*#7378423#*#*
Select Service Info and then Simlock If X is with Network and it is not 0 you can unlock your phone via code
If X is 0 your counter is locked and unlocking via code is not possible.

You will see a menu:


Network 10
Network Subset 10
Service Provider 10
Corporate 10
Sim 0

Before ordering You must see something like this in counter menu:

(X) Network  - 5 or 10 or any other digit except 0 (Code guaranteed to work)

() Network Subset - 0

() Service Provider -0

() Corporate -0

() SIM -0

If ur phone shows another thing like below, DO NOT ORDER, CODE WILL NOT WORK

(X) Network  -0  or 255 Unlimited  (blocked counter)

() Network Subset - 0

() Service Provider -0

() Corporate -0

() SIM -0


if u see counter  (0)  in the network row , order ON YOUR OWN RISK, No refunds if code doesnt work

(0) Network  - 10   (it must be  (X) Network )

(X) Network Subset - 0

(X) Service Provider -0

(X) Corporate -0

(X) SIM -0



* Incase Provided Unlock code Fails to Unlock your phone?

1. Make sure your phone has enough unlock attempts
2. We need a video proof uploaded on Youtube with phone showing first enough unlock attempts (MIN 5 ATTEMPTS)  and a crystal clear code is being entered without touching any others keys.

Excuses like my phone Unlock attempts are over after entering the code, I have returned the phone back to my customer Wont be Accepted we shall simply ignore such requests
If 0 tries or 0 NCK are left no refund will be given.  That is a result of the incorrect code being inputted too many times before code was provided by us.


Unlock code for Any T-MOBILE & AT&T LG - ALL MODEL Support.

Will return all level of unlocks:

Network Unlock code = NCK = SIM_UNLOCK. Please use this unlock code.

(If you see your phone says Enter Network Service Provider Unlock)
Please use SP Code = SP_LOCK = SPCK

Not support: T-mobile LG G4 H811LB - LG Leon MS345 - LG Stylo H631 LS770

                         T-mobile LG G Stylo LG G4 LG H345 Leon LTE LG K7 LG V10


IF unlock code not found. You can submit with service: LG Worldwide- (Nck Only) Not Found Service

How to enter unlock code for LG phone:
+ Please check your phone can enter unlock code before submit IMEI.
Still have 3 - 10 times enter unlock code.
(No refund if your phone can't enter unlock code or phone already unlocked)

(HardLocked phone - if you already tried to unlock your phone and entered too many wrong codes:
"This phone is permanently locked and can not be unlocked") - Don't submit order.

Different phones have different Unlock Code Input Instructions, Try the following Instructions in Order:

Method #1 Insert a non accepted simcard, and enter code when prompted for a code


Method #2 Go to the dial screen and press:  2945#*model number#

Choose network unlock and enter unlock code

For example if its a p999 you enter 2945#*999# or if its a p990 you enter 2945#*990#
AT&T LG G2 D800 - You enter:  2945#*800#

If Phone says, "Code Accepted" or "Network Unlock Successful" or "Not Yet Personalized" your phone is fully Unlocked.

Note: Please use Stock Rom when you enter unlock code.After unlock on stock you can flash any rom, will remain unlocked.


Quick Checkout

    Lets start by choosing your phone

IMEI Service


After Order Complete .


Please check your Paypal email (Inbox or Spam).


Only Accept Paypal payments
from Verified Accounts .

PayPal Verified

Unverified PayPal account.
Please don't order unlock code.
We will not process unlock code.

Thank You!